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 Comedy Workout Academy

Robb and Drew conduct an eight week online workshop for trauma survivors and Traumatic Brain Injury survivors. In the eight weeks; the tandem address social anxiety, performance anxiety, joke structure, finding your comedic voice, booking shows, and more. Each class will have a special guest drop in to offer in depth advice about the comedy business and what it means to get started.


* Introduction to Comedy/Crafting a joke

* Learning from the greats/Crafting a joke

* Performance Anxiety/Crafting a joke

* Breathing and Inflection/Crafting a joke

* Delivery/ Joke rewrite

* Finding your Voice/ Joke rewrite

* Booking/ Joke rewrite

* First comedic performance

What you get

* 16 Hours of live instruction

* Lesson materails mailed to you

* Gift Merch for being a part of the class

* Therapeutic and proferssional outlet

* Post course assistance

Email for a slot

Andrew Young is a medically retired Scout for the US Army. After getting out of service, he struggled with maintaining a "normal" life. Family, work, managing responsibilities, etc. He began using Stand-up Comedy as a means to heal his social anxiety and allow his to use his voice to convey his dark, but still positive message of hope to our veteran community. He began formally writing sketch comedy in 2014 and began stand-up in early 2017. He's opened for multiple professionals, such as Longhorn the Comedian, Jordan Brady, Johnny Van Doom, and more. Drew perfmorms mostly Zoom and Veterans Circuit shows.


Robb Will - Former E4 US Army - Never Deployed Jamestown New York's 67th Funniest Comedian, U.S. Military Veteran, and Advocate. After losing interest or possibly failing out of college, Robb enlisted in the Army. There he repaired M-1 Tank Turrets, which isn't a good civilian career choice, leaving him nothing to fall back on if his comedy stuff doesn't work out. Robb started his comedy career after surviving multiple tragedies, including one that left him medically "One of a Kind." Robb has two movie credits, ‘Battlefield - Home’, and ‘This Old School’, he's part of two world records, and his name was included on the Parker Solar Probe. Out of necessity, Robb jokes about his reality.